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U2 and B.B. King: When Love Comes To Town

On This Day in History: 1984, Assassination of Indira Gandhi

On This Day in History: 1517, Martin Luther's Ninety Five Theses is Nailed to the Door of All Saints Church, Wittenberg

UK More Concerned With Other Matters Than Fishing Issues With France

Start of COP26 Climate Summit Conference in Glasgow

Thought for the Day MDCCCLXXXIV

Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra: Suite No 3 in D

Impasse in NI Protocol Talks

President Biden Meets President Macron and Pope Francis

Growth of Fishing Row Between France and the UK

The Polish Government Tries to Build Wall on Border with Belarus

Thought for the Day MDCCCLXXXIII

Stevie Wonder: You Are the Sunshine of my Life

On This Day in History: 1941. 9,200 Jews are Shot by Germans at the Kaunas Ghetto

Owen Jones' Demands

Rayner Apologises for Conservative "Scum" Comments

Senator Manchin and Senator Sinema

Partial Covid Lockdown in Moscow

Christopher Wenner/Max Stahl 1954-2021

Thought for the Day MDCCCLXXXII

Toploader: Dancing in the Moonlight

On This Day in History: 1886, Statue of Liberty is Dedicated by US President, Grover Cleveland

On This Day in History: 1971, Prospero, the Only British Satellite Launched by a British Rocket

On This Day in History: 1420, Completion of the Forbidden City

The 2021 Budget

Sister of Bataclan Victim to Accused: We Don't Hate You

EU Top Court: Poland to Pay €1m Per Day Until They Ditch Judicial Reforms That Contradict EU Laws

World Bank Suspends Aid to Sudan and African Union Suspends It's Membership

Thought for the Day MDCCCLXXXI

Hans Zimmer: Matera

On This Day in History: 1775, King George III Expands on his Proclamation of Rebellion Regarding the American Colonies

On This Day in History: 1962, Vasily Arkhipov Averts Nuclear War

The Queen To Miss COP26 Climate Change Summit

Lords Forces Issue on Raw Sewage

Brazilian Senators Recommend Criminal Charges Against Bolsonaro Over Covid

Russia Threatens Gas Supply to Moldova

Thought for the Day MDCCCLXXX

Stevie Wonder: As

On This Day in History: 1999, House of Lords Votes to End Right of Most Hereditary Peers to Sit Amongst Them

On This Day in History: 1994, Jordan and Israel Sign Peace Treaty

Conservative MP's Defend Voting Against Amendment for Dealing with Raw Sewage

Rise of National Living Wage to £9.50 Per Hour

German IS Woman Jailed Over Her Role of Death of Yazidi Girl in Iraq

Row Over Ambassadors in Turkey Appears to be Defused

Military Coup in Sudan

Thought for the Day MDCCCLXXIX

Extreme: Everything Under the Sun

On This Day in History: 1924, Publication of the "Zinoviev Letter"

On This Day in History: 1415, the Battle of Agincourt

Stool Britannia: Conservative MP's Voted Against Amendment That Would Deal With Pumping Raw Sewage Into Sea

Ship Spews Toxic Gas Off Vancouver Coast

Bomb Attack in Uganda

Thought for the Day MDCCCLXXVIII

Academy of St Christopher Orchestra: Toccata & Fugue D Minor

On This Day in History: 1964, Zambia Gains Independence from the UK

Growth of Coronavirus in Romania, Ireland, and the UK

The American Travel Blogger in France on $53 Per Day

German Far Right Group Try and Prevent Migrants Entering Country from Poland

Erdogan Wants 10 Ambassadors Thrown Out of Turkey

Saudi Arabia Plans to Cut Carbon Emissions to Zero by 2060

Thought for the Day MDCCCLXXVII

The Beatles: Martha My Dear

On This Day in History: 1983, Suicide Bomber Kills Hundred of French and US Marines in Beirut

Robert Jenrick: Government Turning Blind Eye to Extremism

Ireland: Tickets Needed for Entry Into Nightclubs

Thought for the Day MDCCCLXXVI

Earth, Wind, and Fire: That's the Way of the World

Jacob Rees-Mogg: Conservative MP's Do Not Need Masks!

Viking Settlement in North America Exactly 1,000 Years Ago

World Health Organisation: Covid Has Probably Killed 80k-180k Health Workers

Thought for the Day MDCCCLXXV

The Doobie Brothers: It Keeps You Runnin'

On This Day in History: 1966, The Aberfan Disaster

Gallows Put Up Outside Parliament by Anti Vax Protesters

US House of Representatives Vote to Hold Bannon in Contempt

Report Recommends Criminal Charges Against Brazilian President, Jair Bolsonaro, Over Handing of Covid

Putin Will Not Attend Climate Summit

Thought for the Day MDCCCLXXIV

Carly Simon: Vengeance

My Order of Preference of Each Bond Film, Including No Time To Die

On This Day in History: 1973, the "Saturday Night Massacre"

Michael Gove Harassed by Anti-Vax Protesters

Kidnappers in Haiti Demand $1m for Each of 17 Christian Missionaries Held

Ireland Pauses on Gradual Opening Up Due to Covid

EU and Polish Government Set for Collision Course

Thought for the Day MDCCCLXXIII

Auckland Symphony Orchestra: Pure Imagination

On This Day in History: 1984, Murder of Polish Roman Catholic Priest, Jerzy Popieluszko

On This Day in History: 1935, The League of Nations Places Economic Sanctions on Italy Over Ethiopian Invasion

Commons Tributes to Sir David Amess

Trudeau Visits First Nation to Apologise

General Colin Powell 1937-2021

German Health Minister: Covid State of Emergency May End in November

Russia to Suspend Their Diplomatic Representation to NATO

Unrecognised Military Dictatorship of Myanmar Release 5,000 Prisoners

Thought for the Day MDCCCLXXII

On This Day in History: 1967, Venera 4 Probe Reaches Venus

Discovery on British Columbia Coast

Sir David Amess's Family: Show Kindness and Love

Thought for the Day MDCCCLXXI

Tom Odell: Real Love

On This Day in History: 1931, Al Capone is Convicted for Tax Evasion

On This Day in History: 1346, The English Capture King David II of Scotland

Kidnap of Christian Missionaries in Haiti

Macron Marks Solidarity for Algerians Killed in 1961 Paris Massacre

Russia: If Two Russian Journalists Get Visas, Sarah Rainsford Can Return to Report From Russia

Russia's Daily Deaths From Covid Reach 1,000 Per Day

Thought for the Day MDCCCLXX

U2: One

On This Day in History: 1978, Cardinal Karol Wojtyla Elected Pope, Choosing Name John Paul II

On This Day in History: 1946, Execution of leading Nazis After Nuremberg Trials

On This Day in History: 1962, Start of the Cuban Missile Crisis

Michael Caine May Or May Not Be Retiring From Acting

Amess's Murder Declared a Terrorist Incident by Police

Frost and Political Vandalism in Northern Ireland

Riots in Italy Over Covid Pass

Migrants Facing Expulsion at Polish Border

Thought for the Day MDCCCLXIX

HAUSER: Barber's Adagio for Strings

Sir David Amess 1952-2021

French Fishermen Planning Blockade Against UK

Steve Bannon Faces Charges for Contempt of Court

Pakistan Airlines Stop Flights to Afghanistan

Thought for the Day MDCCCLXVIII

Middle Ages: Dancing Queen

On This Day in History: 1947, Chuck Yeager Breaks the Sound Barrier

On This Day in History: 1888, First Motion Picture Is Made, Roundhay Garden Scene

EU Goes "Extra Mile" in Concessions Over NI Protocol

Trump's Influence Over Republicans

Europe Gas Crisis. Putin Denies Weaponising Energy

UN Expert: North Korea at Risk of Starvation