The Downing Street Party the Night Before Prince Philip's Funeral

 Not surprising but deeply disgusting. I would not want to be in Boris Johnson's shoes the next time he sees the Queen, who spent the funeral isolated even from her family. How you can even have a farewell event for James Slack (the now Deputy Editor of The Sun), involving putting wine purchased at the Co-Op in The Strand in a suitcase, shows how well they knew they were doing wrong and how low they had fallen. No wonder The Sun have not been brutal in their criticisms of these parties!

These stories will keep on coming out and there is no way, whatever Sue Gray says in her findings, Johnson can survive this. People are too angry, the evidence is too stark, and no Conservative MP who is sensible will support their leader as their Party continues to dive in the Polls. The latest showing Labour having an 11 point lead which, if translated at the next general election, would see even Boris Johnson lose his seat