Truss Defending the Indefensible on Local Radio

 Last night came the news that, after not making any statements yesterday, save on Ukraine, our incompetent excuse of a Prime Minister would be doing a series of local radio interviews the following morning.

By going ahead with that and not making any statement on the national financial crisis, Truss's patronising distain for others who are not useful to her showed itself writ large. Many of us knew therefore that she would be flayed alive. Just how brutal, and just how tepid her responses, was still shocking however, and something to behold

No sense of responsibility, that is down to the Bank of England, no admission of fault, Putin is behind it.

 No shame, no grasp, no exit plan. No sense of decency

The Conservative Party Conference is coming up, the fact many Conservative MP's are now boycotting it should be a warning to Party members who are still in thrall to Truss, and to cabinet ministers. They are in for a horrible week and rightly so, the question is will the shock wake them up?


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